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Hurricanes make for interesting times

Well, you’d think living in Connecticut the worst natural occurance/disaster I’d have to worry about would be snowstorms.

Instead, over the past week we’ve gotten to experience the fun of earthquakes and hurricanes (okay, so the earthquake up this far was just a little rocking of my chair, but it was still the first time I’d ever experienced an earthquake).

Hurricane Irene has been the big news story for the past week or so up here, from when the track started putting it in Connecticut, to the actual storm, and now on to the aftermath.

We were okay, never lost power, didn’t have extensive flooding, just a lot of rain and wind. Other parts of Connecticut, even across town, weren’t so lucky.

I’ll be getting back to my normal photos soon, but for now, here’s some of the Irene aftermath in Torrington, Connecticut.

This car was parked in the lot at the DMV.

This real estate sign broke and was swinging in the wind Sunday morning.

A small tree down on my office's street

This tree was lying on a house in Torrington.

There were many flooded roads in town, including Harris Drive.

Residents of the dead-end Machuga Road were stuck until flood waters receded.

The Still River Greenway bike path was flooded in many spots.

The privacy sign at this business was strangely appropriate: Stop, turn around, go back.

What NOT to do on a flooded road

Normally, this is a small bridge with a small river under it.