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Hurricanes make for interesting times

Well, you’d think living in Connecticut the worst natural occurance/disaster I’d have to worry about would be snowstorms.

Instead, over the past week we’ve gotten to experience the fun of earthquakes and hurricanes (okay, so the earthquake up this far was just a little rocking of my chair, but it was still the first time I’d ever experienced an earthquake).

Hurricane Irene has been the big news story for the past week or so up here, from when the track started putting it in Connecticut, to the actual storm, and now on to the aftermath.

We were okay, never lost power, didn’t have extensive flooding, just a lot of rain and wind. Other parts of Connecticut, even across town, weren’t so lucky.

I’ll be getting back to my normal photos soon, but for now, here’s some of the Irene aftermath in Torrington, Connecticut.

This car was parked in the lot at the DMV.

This real estate sign broke and was swinging in the wind Sunday morning.

A small tree down on my office's street

This tree was lying on a house in Torrington.

There were many flooded roads in town, including Harris Drive.

Residents of the dead-end Machuga Road were stuck until flood waters receded.

The Still River Greenway bike path was flooded in many spots.

The privacy sign at this business was strangely appropriate: Stop, turn around, go back.

What NOT to do on a flooded road

Normally, this is a small bridge with a small river under it.


A weekend in photos

As promised, here are the rest of my non-fire photos from over the weekend, a combination of goats, trees, and beach rocks.


"You put that camera away right now..."

This tree had sparse, but interesting greenery on it.

Another view of the tree limbs

This tree ranged from yellow-green to emerald green.

I had a lot of trouble with the focus on this plant, I think because the individual stalks were so thin, but so abundant.

This little guy was hiding under one of the lawn chairs.

The gravel driveway made for a nice almost-parallel shot.

It wasn't a very nice day for the beach.

This seagull didn't seem to mind the weather, though. It even stopped and posed for me!

While not great for swimming, the cloudy weather did work well for this shot.



Experimenting with my camera

There haven’t been many great photo opportunities lately, so I’ve been experimenting with what I can capture on my camera a bit, as well as with editing photos with GIMP.

rainy mirror

It was rainy and there wasn't a lot to photograph, so I decided to see how it would look if I took a photo out my rainy car window. I though the effect was cool, I just wish it was a more interesting subject.


I discovered that the shutter speed in sport mode is indeed quite fast, as it captured this fan running on high without any blur.


This keyboard is in need of a cleaning.


I thought I hadn't succeeded in capturing the steam, until I looked at the photo on a computer.


At least the clouds Wednesday were pretty.


Giraffe bananas!

only flower in color

I'm enjoying playing with the color filters right now, I love the effect.

Flowers and Clouds and Candles, oh my!

Yep, I’m still playing around with my newfound love of macro shots. I’ve got a few clouds to throw into the mix this time, though.


Clouds roll in over the office

candle holder

I loved the way the edges blurred on this, but the center stayed in focus.

pink flowers

These gorgeous pink flowers are growing between my driveway and my neighbor's.

yellow bee yellow flower

This little guy flew in as I was taking photo of the yellow flowers, I love that the yellow on him matches the flower.

fuzzy leaf

My mom is growing this fuzzy-leafed plan in our backyard.

speckled leaf

More neat leaves from the backyard garden


At least we have one good cucumber...

yellow flower

This poor flower was all alone when I photographed it, but it's got some buddies by now.

yellow rose

My grandfather always called my grandmother his yellow Irish rose.

anvil cloud

The clear blue skies everywhere else made this perfect anvil cloud that much more dramatic.

preanvil cloud

This is how the anvil cloud started.


My new zoom can even capture the moon during the day!


Sometimes it seems like I'm tied to this thing...